Os Tres Irmaos Independentes

Promotional Items for a Boutique portuguese Hostel

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The world of youth hostels is undergoing quite a renaissance as of late with the introduction of the boutique market. A step above the common fare, these destination accommodations offer their patrons full bars, a healthy nightlife and often times, gourmet dining in a rustic, approachable atmosphere. One such hostel is The Independente, located in Lisbon, Portugal. Housed in a late 19th century building that once housed the Swiss consulate, the walls of the hostel are painted a deep red hue throughout, balancing against the rustic wood paneling, mid-century furnishings and vintage antiques that decorate the living spaces. Modern with a sense of rustic luxury, the hostel is relatively affordable to the young traveler, their main clientele. This particular campaign completely embodies the playful sophistication of the hostel’s eccentric patrons and staff.