this is not a cheeseburger

the future of America's most beloved food

Conference Ideation
Laser-etched Sesame Seed Booklet
24" x 36" Promotional Poster

The movement in cooking known as Molecular Gastronomy is blazing the way for new, scientifically-informed approaches to an ancient human art. This phenomenon has also led to a revolution in the idea of comfort food. In order to showcase this complex topic in a way that can be understood and digested by anyone, I chose to focus on the future of one of our most loved national treasures, the cheeseburger. Breaking it down layer by layer like those found in a burger, each chapter focuses on a separate layer of the food industry and how it relates to our sustainability in the many years to come. From the bun’s representation of our wheat and grain consumption to lettuce for agriculture and meat for livestock and genetically modified proteins, the book and conference explore the ways in which scientists are advancing the future of food.